2 Ago, 2017

According to our method it’s very important that our students play with something that it isn’t edible, but safe, with the molecule of the fresh truffle. We are playing with four puppies, they are getting into the new bunch and showing the characteristics of the race they belong to.

With our experience we have learned that dogs that have the destination to go truffle hunting ( dogs love any kind of research because they generate Dopamine ) need at first to like it. So at the beginning if they don’ t start playing right away with the TRUFFLE MAJELLA ( TARTUFO MAJELLA ) starting creating possessivity on this tool, it means that they don’t like it and we’ll never be too good, sending the owner crazy, because in the forest they would start looking for something else like lizards, mouse, birds ect. We start teaching them the first NO when they do something wrong.

When we want to teach something to our dogs, it’s very important to do it on the right moment, because their time of attention is very short. If we are not able to understand that because we don’t have enough experience, they could learn a different thing, a wrong thing and we could make a big mistake. So it’s good if we want to do it by our own, but if we let a professional help us is better. The dog is a very smart animal, and we need their 3 intelligences to be distributed even, istinctive, obedience and adaptive.

We need to consider the individuality of each dog. What can be right for one of them, can be wrong for another one. We have to be careful and observe very well their attitude and characters and be technical.

We are leting them do exercises for their self-esteem and make it stronger, considering always their characters, don’t let them be jealous between each other. Enjoy the viewing!






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