8 Ago, 2017


Tools Majella: The TARTUFO MAJELLA  ALWAYS DOMINATES, is the princpale tool we use to test the passion of the dogs for truffles in a very short time, inside we put a little piece of frozen truffle that we can keep in the freezer making us save money too. By the way we want to thank all the people and Associations that use it. With the Majella Games we also use olfactory distractors  which are the glass jars where we put inside other kind of animal excretions, fruit because in the forest during a walk for truffle research it happens that they might stop to eat fruit on the ground ect and we don’ t want them to do that, we want them to be concentrated on what they’ re doing, we also put food inside because unfortunately pretty often we find hotdogs bags on the ground and they go on it so while they get trained they get used to all different kind of molecules; the collar and leash both very important for our discipline; the Vanghetto that we use to dig the ground when our friend finds a truffle, according to our method has to become an extension of our arm because some dogs have the bad habit to keep looking at our hands, so when we use it they put their attention on the ground and goes to stimulate them, same thing happens with horses using the whip nothing of violent; the sponge helps us to freeze some essences; the treat bag which is very practical it’s important to be ready to give the treat/award right away, the time is very important for dogs; if we lose our wallet in the forest, that could happen and not only and our dog finds it makes us very happy for obvious reasons; if our dog finds deer horns it makes us very happy, everyone would like to find one; if we loose our phone and our dog finds it makes us very happy again ( we are talking about a very complex work where the TRUFFLE MAJELLA always dominates because it will be the award instead of the treat for doing all these precious finds  ); if our dog reports a photo trap it makes us very happy; if they find an electric fence it could be safe for someone who has a pacemaker, helping maybe a friend, it would make us really happy; if we loose our GPS and our dog finds it makes us very happy; we use the hula hoop to improve the self-esteem of some dogs that need it. The next time we’ll talk about these tools one by one. On the table the muzzle and the 6 mt  leash are missing, you’ll see them next time.

This is a method developed by us, the videos we make are amateur. The experience helped us realizing that the learning of dogs is complex and the discipline of truffle hunting needs to be done with something safe, which is the TARTUFO MAJELLA.


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