Scuola Majella Tartufi

21 Apr, 2017

Scuola Majella Tartufi


Translation of the certificate of the Veterinary Medicine of Teramo (Te):

(This exercise therefore being essential in the training phase can entail risks associated with the suffocation of the dog following the inoculation of the aforementioned object. In this sense, the use of the "TARTUFO MAJELLA" product can easily avoid this risk even when the object is chewing. It is also not underestimated that the dog can recognize the truffle and bring it back to the partner. In conclusion it is considered that the "TARTUFO MAJELLA" besides being a valid training system, is able to preserve the well being of the dog as it is not only produced with non-toxic material but is also able to induce suffocation due to swallowing Accidental surrogates used for training.)


Unique Cinofila Italian School, creator and master of the “TARTUFO MAJELLA” STANDARD FILED PATENT, to train our dogs truffle hunting in total safety, made available to those who enjoy their well-being and want to achieve amazing results thanks to the power to transpose in the Forest! Our dog will be happy to play, make it safety, learn a new discipline together, strengthen your tune. This sport will make him feel better, because the research generates in him DOPAMINA, the wellness hormone, by obviating the boredom of the apartment! We will help you manage your 4-legged faithful companion, with astute and precious tips. With our MAJELLA TRAINING, there will be lessons available and we will help you prepare your dog for competitions as well, as you would with a child during a sports training! You will have fun and you will be strengthened together!


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