7 Ago, 2017


Il COWSENSE è il senso del bestiame, i puledri vengono selezionati durante lo svezzamento e solo quelli che danno delle risposte d’interesse ad interagire con vitelli ed altri animali vengono scelti per destinarsi a tale scopo. Questo atteggiamento a livello di passione è analogo al senso del selvatico che deve avere un buon cane da caccia ed il SENSO DEL TARTUFO che deve avere un buon cane da tartufo. L’ addestramento insieme alla selezione zootecnica, deve esaltare la passione che deve essere già presente in maniera non spiegabile all’ interno del nostro allievo. Per quanto ci riguarda il TARTUFO MAJELLA che utilizziamo per l’ addestramento ci permette di valutare in tempi brevissimi la passione per il tartufo.

COWSENSE is the sense of cattle, foals are selected during weaning and only those who give interesting responses to interacting with calves and other animals are chosen for this purpose. This attitude talking about passion is similar to the wild sense that must have a good hunting dog and the TRUFFLE SENSE that must have a good truffle dog. Training along with zootechnical selection must exalt the passion that must already be present in an unexplainable way in our dog. Regarding us, with the TARTUFO MAJELLA  we use for training, we can estimate the passion of the dog for truffles in a very short time. As we can see in these videos all the 3 puppies are very interested on what we are doing and just wait to play with their favourite toy. This is what we mean with truffle sense and this is the way we select our students. If they like right away the TARTUFO MAJELLA playing with it and keeping it in their mouth creating possessivity as these 3 adorable puppies do, it means that they will love doing this discipline, so we decide to keep going on with their educational path according to our method that forecasts teaching them exclusively through playing and games.Good breeders and good trainers should inhibit difects and enhance qualities of dogs.


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